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Olive: own root
Lovell (Standard)
Marianna 26-24 (Semi-dwarf)
Apple Seedling (Standard)
Semi-dwarf M-111
Semi-dwarf M-7
Dwarf On Bud-9
Dwarf On M-27
Myrobalan 29C (Standard)
Citation (Semi-dwarf)
OHxF333 (Semi-dwarf)
Calleryana (Semi-dwarf)
Betulaefolia (Standard)
Mazzard (Standard)
Mahaleb (Semi-dwarf 85%)
Colt (Semi-dwarf 75%)
GM61/1 (Semi-dwarf 50%)
Fig: Own Root
Jujube: Own Root
Citation (Semi-dwarf)
Winter Nelis (Standard)
Citation (Semi-dwarf)
Pomegranate: Own Root
No. Calif. Black Walnut
Colossal Seedling
St. Julian
Dwarf On M-26
Kiwi: Own Root
Zaiger Dwarf 3CR178
Certified Organic M-111
Olive: Own Root
Geneva 935

Olive: Own Root

The following varieties are available on this rootstock:
Name Description
Arbequina Excellent clonal selection of Arbequina showing higher olive production and oil ...
Arbosana This dwarf tree produces large crops of small olives with high concentrations of...
Manzanillo The most popular table olive in California, Manzanillo is a large, round freesto...
Mission Fruit has a high oil content, and is medium is size. Trees can grow tall to 40 f...
Picual The olive is medium to large in size with a high oil content. The excellence of ...