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Dwarf on Bud-9
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Dwarf On Bud-9
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GM61/1 (Semi-dwarf 50%)
Fig: Own Root
Jujube: Own Root
Citation (Semi-dwarf)
Winter Nelis (Standard)
Citation (Semi-dwarf)
Pomegranate: Own Root
No. Calif. Black Walnut
Colossal Seedling
St. Julian
Dwarf On M-26
Kiwi: Own Root
Zaiger Dwarf 3CR178
Certified Organic M-111
Olive: Own Root
Geneva 935

Dwarf On Bud-9

Dwarfs trees to 1/3 of standard. Approx. height to 10 feet, width 6 feet. Resistant to phytopthora. Excellent precocity and cold hardiness. Produces large fruit. Supports heavy crops and recovers from over-production much better than Mark. Good choice for heavy soils.
There are no varieties available on this rootstock at this time.