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Semi-dwarf M-7
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Semi-dwarf M-7
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Citation (Semi-dwarf)
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Dwarf On M-26
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Zaiger Dwarf 3CR178
Certified Organic M-111
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Geneva 935

Semi-dwarf M-7

Semi-dwarf rootstock for apples. Unpruned tree height 2/3 of standard, or about 12-20 feet. Induces early and heavy bearing. Resistant to fireblight, powdery mildew, moderately resistant to collar rot. Good anchorage. Very winter hardy, widely adapted. Prone to suckering
The following varieties are available on this rootstock:
Name Description
Anna Remarkable fruit for mild-winter climates in So. Calif., So. Ariz. Heavy crops o...
Braeburn New, from New Zealand. Superb late season fruit: very crisp and tangy, more flav...
Dorsett Golden Outstanding sweet apple for warm winter areas. Firm, very flavorful, sweet like ...
Fuji Recent introduction from Japan that quickly became California's favorite apple. ...
Gala Wonderful dessert apple from New Zealand. Crisp, nice blend of sweetness and tar...
McIntosh Round, bright to dark red over green, superb quality in cool climates. Crisp, ar...
Northern Spy Large, fruit is firm and aromatic with a lively, tart flavor. Greenish-yellow sk...
Northpole™ Columnar Large, red-skinned McIntosh-type fruit is crisp, juicy and aromatic. Attractive,...
Red Delicious (Bisbee Spur) Sweet, crisp, flavorful - perhaps the best Red Delicious. Early fall. Small, com...
Scarlet Sentinel™ Columnar Dense clusters of white blossoms followed by large, delicious, red-blushed, gree...
Sundowner® A sister plant to the popular Pink Lady® selection, Sundowner® has a s...