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Mahaleb (Semi-dwarf 85%)
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Mahaleb (Semi-dwarf 85%)
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Mahaleb (Semi-dwarf 85%)

The most winter hardy of the commonly used cherry rootstocks. Sweet cherries slightly dwarfed, no dwarfing effect on sour types. Induces early, heavy bearing. Resists crown gall, bacterial canker, some nematodes. Not tolerant of wet soils.
The following varieties are available on this rootstock:
Name Description
Black Tartarian Medium-sized, nearly black, sprightly flavor, early season. Vigorous, productive...
Meteor Semi-dwarf Sour Cherry. Large, bright red fruit similar to Montmorency, used mostly for coo...
North Star Dwarf Sour Cherry. Attractive, densely foliated, naturally small tree grows to about 8...