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Mazzard (Standard)
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Mazzard (Standard)

Standard rootstock for sweet cherries. Vigorous, more tolerant of wet soils than Mahaleb (but good drainage still required). Resistant to root-knot nematodes and oak-root fungus.
The following varieties are available on this rootstock:
Name Description
Black Tartarian Medium-sized, nearly black, sprightly flavor, early season. Vigorous, productive...
Early Richmond Sour Cherry. Heavy-producing, widely adapted tree: vigorous and healthy in many ...
English Morello Late-ripening tart cherry for cooking, sometimes eaten fresh when fully ripe. Da...
Lambert Large, black, late harvest. Highest quality, rivaling Bing. Less susceptible to ...
Lapins New, from Canada. Self-fruitful, dark red sweet cherry. Large, firm, good flavor...
Minnie Royal Medium-sized red cherry; firm with good flavor; ripens 11-14 days ahead of Bing;...
Montmorency Sour Cherry. Large, light red skin, yellow flesh. Perfect for cobblers, pies, et...
Rainier Large, yellow with red blush. Sweet and flavorful - superior to Royal Ann. Very ...
Royal Ann Long-time favorite yellow sweet cherry for eating fresh or canning. Pollenizer r...
Royal Lee Medium-large red cherry; heart-shaped, very firm with excellent flavor; ripens 1...
Royal Rainier Large yellow cherry with slightly more red blush than Rainier. Excellent flavor,...
Stella Self-fruitful - no pollenizer needed. Large, nearly black, richly flavored sweet...
Sunburst Stella x Van. Large, dark-skinned sweet cherry similar to Stella. Resists cracki...
Sweetheart A fairly new self-fertile sweet cherry. Large bright red fruit with mild, sweet ...
Utah Giant Best sweet cherry, according to Utah folks. Larger, firmer, more flavorful than ...
Van Very cold hardy, reliable, heavy bearing. Fine fruit similar to Bing, though usu...