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Interspecific Hybrids
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2-n-1 Sprite+Delight
Bella Gold Peacotum
Candy Heart Pluerry™
Cot-N-Candy Aprium®
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Flavor Delight Aprium
Flavorella Plum-Cot
Leah Cot Aprium®
Plum Parfait Plum-Cot
Spice Zee Nectaplum™
Sprite Cherry Plum
Sugar Twist Pluerry™
Summer Delight Aprium®
Sweet Treat Pluerry®
Tri-Lite Peach X Plum Hybrid

Candy Heart Pluerry™

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This item is not currently available.
Japanese plum and sweet cherry cross. Dark speckled red skin and amber/red flesh with a unique and very sweet flavor. Late midseason harvest. Pollenized by Sweet Treat Pluerry™ and Burgundy Plum. 500-600 hours.
  Root Stocks: